Updated 02/06/09

Music Theory - The Chromatic Scale

I created the learning object above, with the intention of it being an engaging experience for any one who wants to learn about the chromatic scale, train their voice and learn to read sheet music.  The lesson is intended to be an instructional aid for music students, musicians and all those wishing to enhance their knowledge of music theory. 

I remember in choral training having to use the aid of a piano to train my voice, to learn the fundamentals of music and to learn to read the notation of music rendered on a printed page.   I also remember as choir members how the director drilled us in singing up and down the chromatic scale, sometimes skipping notes by two or three tones.  It was boring, monotonous and at times we hated it.  But now, how glad I am that I participated in those drills years ago, for they have trained me to use my voice to sing beyond its normal range and to read sheet music.

I think this learning object maybe helpful to those desiring to improve  their ability to pitch their voice on the correct note or to achieve the so-called "perfect pitch."  I will continue to work on this project as time permits, which should result in a series of lessons on the fundamentals of music theory.

Go ahead and explore it and have fun as you learn.  if you need an e-learning designer for your project, please contact me via my contact page.  All the best. 

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